Mens Golf Polo Shirts

Kick back or work on your slice in tropical style! Throw on one of our men's golf polo shirts in Fun and Funky Prints. Matching Womens Polos too.

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Mens Golf Polo Shirts

Are these good in hot weather?

Yes, they are made of anti-wrinkle, quick-drying, moisture-wicking birdseye mesh that will breathe in the hot Aussie summers.
Play it cool from the Course to the Pool. Embrace the best-dressed award you deserve! Providing you with a superior performance material that is super lightweight and breathable. Coordinate your looks now.

Do you have matching shorts to match?

In some of the prints we sure do. Head straight from the course to the coast and back again in our groovy recycled swim shorts. With their quick-drying and lightweight material, these shorts can be worn regardless of the occasion.
A breath of fresh air to Golfing fashion. Feather light and a flattering fit, this simple, yet modern leafy print is the perfect everyday polo that you can wear on the course or straight to the bar, and everywhere in-between!

Do you have matching womens golf polos?

In some of the prints we sure do. Check out our matching couples fashion and win best dressed on the links. Elegant lines and fresh designs - with a little of the larrakin left in...Make a few waves this silly season and cut a course from the Clubhouse to the pool in festive style. With matching Swim Shorts and Bucket Hats, you can be brimming with the spirit of the season!

How are Golf Polos supposed to fit?

You want the seam on the shoulder of your polo shirt to sit directly on your shoulder bone and the sleeve of your polo shirt to finish approximately halfway down your bicep. It is important for it to not be too tight on your arms or it may impede your epic swing. Be sure to check out our size guides within the listings to ensure you're purchasing the best fit for your trip to the fairway!

Why do Golfers wear Golf Polos?

Most golf courses require it's patrons to wear polos to create an atmosphere of uniformity among the members. In saying this, who said you had to settle for any plain old polo? Keep things light and bright with one of our fun patterned head turners. The lightweight, breathable, anti-wrinkle, birdseye mesh material our polos are constructed from helps to keep you cool when the pressure gets hot out on the green.

Kick back and work on your slice in tropical style with our newest Golf Polo Shirts, made from a super lightweight, stretch and breathable material. While the competition is still in the bunker, this athleisure...
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