Magic Mushrooms

Style Junkies! Hit us up for your fashion fix: This psychedelic print is the perfect style stimulant. Get grooving and add some character to your weekend fit, our Magic Mushrooms Hawaiian Shirt Range is the ultimate must-cop psychedelic print for the party season. 

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Magic Mushrooms

What are stereotypical Hawaiian shirts?

Design. Aloha dress shirts are printed, mostly short-sleeved, usually open-collared. They almost always have buttons, usually for the entire length of the shirt or at least up to the chest. They usually have a left chest pocket sewn in, often with attention to ensure the printed pattern remains continuous.
At Island Style Clothing we like to have some traditional floral prints and then some fun stuff for the party and festival goers. Nah, don't need an uber, I'll ride my unicorn to the party - Magic truly is all around!

Why is there a mushroom trend?

This is mostly being driven by Gen Z, who are always looking for ways to incorporate entertaining and mind-expanding decor into their rooms, from vibey lights to cloud decor to their latest obsession with mushroom decor. It's not all freaky wallpaper or fantasy mushroom art. You Don't need to be a Shaman to make magic happen. NB: Mushroom shirt does not require additional BS

What is Australian slang for mushroom?

Australian English is replete with such words: 'barbie' (a barbecue), 'mushie' (a mushroom), 'prezzie' (a present), 'servo' (service station) and 'sunnies' (sunglasses) to name just a few.
What to wear tonight? Eeney, meeney…porcini. Mushrooms. Can you dig it?

Why are Mushroom Shirts popular?

Hawaiian Shirts in a mushroom print are popular as they are fun and colourful. The shape is evocative of the natural world, but funkier and less ordinary than a flower. There's an implied grooviness too, recalling the magic mushrooms of the 1960s and '70s, decades that designers and 20-somethings can't stop referencing.

If you're keen to stand out at your next festival or a mate's big birthday bash down by the beach, Island Style Clothing's got this wild "Magic Mushrooms" range that's a dead-set winner. These shirts...
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