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High quality Men's Hawaiian Shirts & Aloha Clothing in Australia. We have Mens Shirts, Mens Shorts, Shirt & Shorts Sets, Golf Polo Shirts & Bucket Hats.

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Mens Hawaiian Clothing

Where can I wear my Hawaiian Shirt?

Take the party from the beach to the bar... from zoom to the club and from brunch to work!
Hawaiian shirts are a popular choice for many occasions. They are perfect for casual summer parties, beach trips, and even for a day out with friends. These shirts are also great for outdoor events such as concerts and festivals. The bright and colourful prints are perfect for adding some fun and personality to your outfit. However, when wearing a Hawaiian shirt, it's important to keep the rest of your outfit simple so that the shirt can be the focal point. Pairing it with simple shorts or jeans and sandals will give you a casual and comfortable look. If you want to dress it up a little, you can wear it with khakis and loafers. We do have matching shorts for most of our sets if you want to go the full cabana look... click here to see Cabana Collection.

Overall, Hawaiian shirts are a versatile and fun addition to any wardrobe. They are perfect for adding a pop of colour and personality to your outfit. So go ahead and wear your Hawaiian shirt with confidence, knowing that you'll look great no matter where you go.

How do I know what size Hawaiian shirt will fit me?

Our mens shirts start at S and go all the way to Plus Size range of 3XL-8XL so we can fit most sizes.

Please carefully check our simple size guide to ensure you get the best fit. Size guide is located on each product tab and also in the photo gallery. However, we are just a chat, email or phone call away to help you.

Do you have matching shorts for my Hawaiian shirt?

Most ranges are available with matching shorts and some with matching options for women and kids.
Matching Hawaiian shirt and shorts sets can be a fun and playful option for a coordinated look. They are great for group outings or events where you want to stand out and make a statement. However, it's important to make sure that the print is not too overwhelming and still complements your skin tone and body shape. When wearing a matching set, keep the rest of your outfit simple so that the focus is on the bold print. It's also important to wear the right accessories to complete the look, such as simple sandals or sneakers and a hat or sunglasses. Overall, a matching Hawaiian shirt and shorts set can be a fun and stylish way to show off your personality and love for summer fashion.

Are Hawaiian Shirts in Style 2024?

The aloha shirt, also referred to as a Hawaiian shirt, is a style of dress shirt originating in Hawaii. They are usually open collared and buttoned dress shirts, usually short-sleeve and made from colourful printed fabrics often with a floral base. They are often worn untucked, but also can be worn tucked into the waist of your pants or shorts.

Do Hawaiians actually wear Hawaiian Shirts?

The short answer is "absolutely". Many Hawaiians and locals wear aloha shirts (aka 'Hawaiian' shirts) practically every day including to work, dinner, parties a casual bbq. If you are lucky enough to visit Hawaii you will see them everywhere. Seriously a nice button-up collared aloha shirt is considered formal dress on the islands. Lucky for us living in Australia we have adopted this cool tradition and you will see them at work, pubs, clubs, sports events for supporters and many hospitality venues have adopted this look for uniforms. Aloha to that!

Can I have my own custom design with my logo or face on it?

Create YOUR OWN CUSTOM DESIGNED shirts & shorts

Browse & Shop our Hawaiian clothing range including party shirts, shorts and cabana party kits We like to add the FUN into your party spirit with tropical prints for the family, group or sports team...
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