Christmas Shirt & Shorts Sets

Christmas Shirts and Shorts Sets. Stay cool and stylish this holiday season!

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Christmas Shirt & Shorts Sets

Where to buy matching Christmas shirts and shorts sets?

That's easy... right here at Island Style Clothing. We're all for the ennoblement of the iconic style...expect elegant lines and fresh designs, with a little of the larrakin left in.

Do you have shorts to match your Hawaiian Christmas Shirts?

Yes we sure do. We have swim shorts to match every Xmas shirt as well as matching bucket hats and pet bandanas to match most. Trendy treat: Don't wait to until the 25th to indulge in a little something special...

Do you have Christmas in July cabana sets?

We sure do - we keep limited stock onhand all year round for your buying pleasure. Ticks all the boxes on your midwinter wishlist...grab yourself a santa style showstopper today. Be the anti-grinch and throw a Christmas aloha shirt.

Be the ANTI-GRINCH! We won’t let a bunch of ugly jumpers loose on the populace – our Christmas Clothing Elves (read: brilliant Design Team) have worked tirelessly to bring you the freshest and most atypical...
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