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Premium 4-Way Stretch Mens Hawaiian Shirts for those who like to have a little more movement in their resort clothing. 

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Stretch Shirts

What are stretch Hawaiian shirts made of?

Our "super stretch" Hawaiian fabric is a Polyester/Spandex mix; The spandex gives it some nice stretch. These stretch shirts come with a moisture wicking outer shell. They will not shrink in the wash and are the most durable of all our fabrics. Coconut buttons, Front pocket, Spare button and Machine Washable.

Are Hawaiian shirts supposed to be tight?

As a general rule the Hawaiian shirt should not be too big, and some Hawaiian shirt shops recommend purchasing one size smaller than your regular size. These look great left open *unbuttoned* and a plain coloured tee-shirt underneath. Use the buttons to your discretion. Do not be afraid to fully button-up your shirt if that is what looks good to you.
Just be sure to check the size guide to be certain you are getting the required fit.

Does a shirt look better tight or loose?

A Hawaiian shirt shouldn't be too loose, or it'll hang awkwardly and make you look shapeless. Too tight and it'll show your least flattering contours — even if you have a perfectly toned torso, you might look a bit showy in a tight shirt. It's a great option (especially if you are slim) to wear them completely open *unbuttoned* with a plain tee-shirt underneath. Just think Ace Ventura!

What do Hawaiians call Hawaiian shirts?

As a general rule of thumb they are called 'Aloha Shirts' in Hawaiia. Many Hawaiian Men primarily wear Hawai'ian print shirts. However, women wear the aloha shirts and muumuus as well. For businesses, Fridays are “Aloha Fridays” and almost every employee at traditional business offices wears an aloha print shirt or muumuu.

Get outta my dreams - and into my wardrobe. Point piper toff meets Bryon Bay mellow - these stretch shirts all come with matching swim shorts and transport you from the beach to the bar... Aussie...
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