Swim Shorts

Men's Swim Shorts made for the beach to the bar! All styles are available with matching Hawaiian Shirts. 

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How long should your swim shorts be?

Originally known as surf trunks, later as James, and occasionally in British English as swim shorts, boardshorts are a style of men’s and, more recently, women’s summer wear. In Australia usually known as boardies. Our cool and colourful range goes off faster than a Tassie Devil.

Do all swim shorts have netting?

At Island Style Clothing shorts are unlined to avoid chaffing, but we do however have the netting/mesh pockets. So you won’t have soggy pockets when you trot from the beach to the bar.

Do swim shorts have matching shirts?

Yes we have a matching Hawaiian shirt for every pair of mens boardies. Some are made of recycled plastic bottles blended with 10% lyra to clean up our planet.

No Fake. No half-strength. No Soya. Just Style. Unadulterated Aussie Aloha Mens' swim shorts, ready to kangaroo kick fashion norms in the jewels. Our collections are an ideal marriage: Quality and charisma locked in a...
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